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Now Hiring - Translation Coordinator (Thank you Kyi Kyi)

Happy Holidays! November and December are special months in the United States when we focus on friends, family and giving thanks.

At this holiday time we want to give a special “Thank you!” to Kyi Kyi Min, Translation Coordinator. Kyi Kyi Min has been a part of our team since the translation department at The Center (our parent organization) became “tone” in February 2017. Our team would not be a success without her. She is a welcoming, steady presence for all of us. Her talent as a Project Manager and Burmese Linguist grows each year.

Due to her talent, Kyi Kyi has been promoted to a new position at The Center, Manager of Compass Interpreters, our interpretation department. Join me in congratulating Kyi Kyi Min on her promotion and new role! During December and January she will begin to transition out of Team Tone. Our department will not be the same without her, however we wish her great success as Compass Manager. Please join me in thanking Kyi Kyi for all her time with us.

Tone is now searching for a new Translation Coordinator that can coordinate nearly everything. Read the full job description here. The job is located in Utica, NY, however if you are an exceptional candidate we may consider a remote option. You can apply on The Center's website here. Join team tone today!

The Translation Coordinator is responsible for project management of specific accounts as assigned, including workflow of individual project requests. This position coordinates services between customers, translators, reviewers, and other members of the translation team to ensure delivery of quality translation within deadlines. Translation and review of documents as requested, in source language of the Translation Coordinator, is a part of regular responsibilities for this position. This position works primarily with translators and individual customers, reporting directly to the Translation Manager. Knowledge of or fluency of written text in a second language required.



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