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TONE can review nearly any document translated by another person or agency for accuracy and completeness. For personal documents TONE will provide a notarized Certificate of Verification.


$20 for a Certificate of Verification, for personal documents only
Cost is a per document charge based on a single page standard document.

  • The original source document
  • The translated document
  • To provide a Certificate of Verification, the source document and the target document must be provided
  • Wait! We translate nearly everything, but it looks like this step was already done for us.
  • BUT we can still check nearly everything to verify the accuracy of the translation.
  • We will provide a notarized Certificate of Verification.
  • Regular Mail
    - Required for notarized documents
    - Shipping charges apply
  • Stop by and say Hi! Pick up a hard copy at our office M-F 8:30am-4:30pm 309 Genesee St. Park Ave Entrance Utica, NY 13501