ATA Southeast Asian Division

Southeast Asian Language Division Proposed for ATA

Support Southeast Asian Languages! A big congratulations to Tram Bui, who has proposed the 23rd ATA Division - Southeast Asian Language Division. Read the full ATA announcement. This includes information to sign the petition and support the creation of this division. All petitions are due TOMORROW, March 13th! (only members can sign). 

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Tone Trends

Tone Trends and the Year Ahead

This installment of Tone News, is going to take it to the local level. We are exploring our own trends from 2018 and making some predictions for 2019.

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boombox blog

Dancing to the Tune of 2019 Trends

Recently, the memoQ 2019 trend report went live. Each year they produce a trend report for the industry about what Language Service Providers should keep an eye on in 2019. In today’s Industry News, we’ll be exploring these 2019 trends from our perspective as the LSP that translates nearly everything. 

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Realpolitik - Translating U.S. Political Jargon

Yesterday the 116th Congress of the U.S. was sworn into office. This new congress may be one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse in history, but they will still be using the jargon of our time and the pundits will certainly still be using theirs. When global news outlets start reporting on U.S. politics, translators and interpreters alike need to do a great deal of linguistic acrobatics to convert American English into their target language. Because countries, like toilets, could use a car wash, right?

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happy holidays

Happy Holidays - A Gift about Language from tone

Holidays are meaningful times of the year. Without the lens of human perspective, the days are just another rotation of the Earth’s 365 orbital revolutions around the sun. Join us as we help you define the reason of the season, or any season for that matter on this week's installment of Illegible Stamps & Unstranslatables! 

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Thank You

Thank You- The Phenomenon of Saying Thanks

Thanksgiving draws near, but before you carve into that turkey, have you stopped and thought about where the word "Thank" in "Thank you" comes from, or why we say it? In today's article, we examine the concept of thankfulness. We'd appreciate it if you gave it a read.

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ATA alt cover

Beignet Done That! #ATA59 NOLA a Success for Team Tone

@Tonetranslate 's memories from four days spent at the American Translators Association 59th Annual Conference (#ATA59) in New Orleans, Louisiana (aka NOLA) from October 24-27. The conference was attended by Translation Manager Shana Pughe Dean and Translation Coordinator Kyi Kyi Min. Derek Nekritz, Translation Administrative Coordinator, made a voice cameo for our presentation. Whether in person or in spirit, all of our team attended.

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Karate tone

Most Honorable- Japanese Honorifics

On today's blog, our very own Derek Nekritz gives us a first person look at how he came to understand the intricacies of Japanese honorifics as part of our series leading up to the 59th annual American Translator's Association Conference (#ata59). If you are unfamiliar with honorifics, then you should definitely join in on today's article!

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Learning in the Making- How Computers Learn

In today's article we'll be exploring the idea of machine learning. In the past we have alluded to this mysterious concept, but finally, you will learn all about machine learning! We hope you have your thinking caps on. Don't worry, we trust you'll learn it faster than a machine would. 

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Social Network Tone Edit

Networking Nearly Everywhere: On the Web & On the Road

We're reaching the fourth and final quarter of 2018, but that doesn't mean that we have lost any steam, in fact we're just picking up speed- both in bandwidth and mileage! Join us in today's blog to find out the latest goings-on in Tone!

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