Thank You

Thank You- The Phenomenon of Saying Thanks

Thanksgiving draws near, but before you carve into that turkey, have you stopped and thought about where the word "Thank" in "Thank you" comes from, or why we say it? In today's article, we examine the concept of thankfulness. We'd appreciate it if you gave it a read.

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Beignet Done That! #ATA59 NOLA a Success for Team Tone

@Tonetranslate 's memories from four days spent at the American Translators Association 59th Annual Conference (#ATA59) in New Orleans, Louisiana (aka NOLA) from October 24-27. The conference was attended by Translation Manager Shana Pughe Dean and Translation Coordinator Kyi Kyi Min. Derek Nekritz, Translation Administrative Coordinator, made a voice cameo for our presentation. Whether in person or in spirit, all of our team attended.

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Most Honorable- Japanese Honorifics

On today's blog, our very own Derek Nekritz gives us a first person look at how he came to understand the intricacies of Japanese honorifics as part of our series leading up to the 59th annual American Translator's Association Conference (#ata59). If you are unfamiliar with honorifics, then you should definitely join in on today's article!

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Learning in the Making- How Computers Learn

In today's article we'll be exploring the idea of machine learning. In the past we have alluded to this mysterious concept, but finally, you will learn all about machine learning! We hope you have your thinking caps on. Don't worry, we trust you'll learn it faster than a machine would. 

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Social Network Tone Edit

Networking Nearly Everywhere: On the Web & On the Road

We're reaching the fourth and final quarter of 2018, but that doesn't mean that we have lost any steam, in fact we're just picking up speed- both in bandwidth and mileage! Join us in today's blog to find out the latest goings-on in Tone!

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Emphasis is Not Always Easy

You pick a word in your sentence, you make it louder than the rest of the words, and even stretch it out. Now your listener knows exactly what you meant, but how well does that technique translate exactly? Today in Tone's Illegible Stamps & Untranslatables column, we'll take a closer look at this linguistic phenomenon.

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Level Up! What Video Games Teach Us About Media Localization

Fire up your Family Computer System, grab your controller, hit the start button, and let's play some Zeruda no Densetsu! Wait, maybe someone should localize that for you? Well, look no further, Mario and Luigi, because you've come to the right castle! Join us for today's blog where we'll be looking at translation's role in video games and localization. 

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Here’s the Kicker- ‘Futbol’ or ‘Soccer’: How Sports Influence Language

It's a beautiful summer day, and you're kicking around a soccer ball... or is it a football? Whichever it is, it's hard to believe that such a simple object or word can come such with a complicated history, but it truly affects the way we use language, and even the way we look at and express our own culture. Join us for a whole new linguistic ball game in today's installment of Illegible Stamps & Untranslatables!

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In Bocca Al Lupo

In the Mouth of the Wolf: A Taste of How AI Consumes Eggs and Idioms

Today on the CAT's Meow, we're talking about wolves and eggs? If you feel like you need a little context, you and and Artificial Intelligence may have something in common! Join us as we discuss how AI navigates idioms in translation. 

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Preserving Languages

Preserving Language: Something Left to Translate

Language rights and language preservation are a growing concern in the language industry, but in order to understand the importance of these issues, it is vital to understand the core issue. In today's blog, we discuss the issues of the natural progression of language and where Tone and the rest of the translation industry fits into the larger picture.

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