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Languages of Limited Diffusion: Tone Talks, Teaches and Learns

We try to remember nearly everything...except that we promised to share information with you. On September 30th, in honor of International Translation Day, tone participated in the Virtual Conference. Tone presented on Languages of Limited Diffusion: Translation Trials and Tribulations with a focus on the Burmese (Myanmar) Language. We promised we would make the presentation available for viewing, so here it is.

 You can also directly view the Prezi with no narration by clicking here!

The presentation covers the challenges and opportunities of working with languages of limited diffusion for:

    • Consumers
    • LSP (Language Service Providers)
    • Translators

Tone likes to talk, teach and learn. We will continue doing what we love this week as tone goes back on the road to attend the 57th Annual American Translators Association Conference in San Francisco, CA. We will be expanding our knowledge of the language industry and learning how to serve you better.

Tone will be presenting at the conference on Friday, November 4th on Working with Southeast Asian Languages: Fonts, Segmentation, and Untranslatable Terms. We will post our presentation and what we learned once we recover from our “red eye” flight back home (pop quiz: spot the untranslatable term in the last sentence). Until then, happy translating.


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