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International Translation Day 2016

Tone Honors International Translation Day by Participating in Proz Virtual Conference

September 30th (today!) is recognized as International Translation Day! To honor International Translation Day, tone is participating in the Virtual Conference happening all day today. Tone will be presenting this afternoon on Languages of Limited Diffusion: Translation Trials and Tribulations with a focus on the Burmese (Myanmar) Language.

Tone would like to thank our team of translators. Tone translators you make the translation of nearly everything possible.

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Experience Wanted Hire a Human

Experience Matters: Hire a Human

Wanted: a human with the ability to experience emotions in real time and explain them to a machine so they can learn about real life. “Systems like Siri and IBM’s Watson can follow simple spoken or typed commands and answer basic questions, but they can’t hold a conversation and have no real understanding of the words they use.” (AI’s Language Problem) Understanding how the meaning of words are used in context is not just communication, it’s culture.

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