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Learning in the Making- How Computers Learn

In today's article we'll be exploring the idea of machine learning. In the past we have alluded to this mysterious concept, but finally, you will learn all about machine learning! We hope you have your thinking caps on. Don't worry, we trust you'll learn it faster than a machine would. 

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In Bocca Al Lupo

In the Mouth of the Wolf: A Taste of How AI Consumes Eggs and Idioms

Today on the CAT's Meow, we're talking about wolves and eggs? If you feel like you need a little context, you and and Artificial Intelligence may have something in common! Join us as we discuss how AI navigates idioms in translation. 

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Google Translate2

Beware the Tagline: Powered by Google Translate

Google Translate is perhaps the most well known example of machine translation and the conversation about humans versus machines has been an ongoing theme with the Tone blog, and for good reason. 

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