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Networking Nearly Everywhere: On the Web & On the Road

Tone has updates for you!

  1. On the Web: We have expanded our social media presence to improve our networks and reach our target audience. We want to strengthen our connection to the global community, the rest of the translation industry and you!

  2. On the Road: We are honored to be speakers at the 59th Annual American Translators Association happening October 24-27 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana

On the Web:

Tone joins Twitter @tonetranslate Much like our Facebook, Twitter will allow us to interact with you, but on a whole new level. Whether you want to tweet at us to tell us we did well on your translation, or get our opinion on a topic in the translation field, we look forward to connecting with you. On our Twitter you’ll find:

  • More articles and news from the translation industry.

  • Words and phrases of the day from languages around the world.

  • Posts in other languages. (Try your hand at translating them or replying in the language of your choice)

You can have a lot of fun in 280 characters. In the near future, we’ll be releasing a blog detailing more about Twitter as a linguistic instrument and why it is a potent tool in today’s global community and in the age of social media. For now, if you’re on Twitter, come check us out @tonetranslate! (Link to Tone’s Twitter)

In our attempt to network nearly everywhere we can also be found on the following platforms:

  • Linked In – professional translators and cultural consultants, this is the place for you to connect and share your profiles!

  • Youtube – this space will be for translators and community partners alike. Look for our first major content to become available around International Translation Day (September 30th)

These two spaces are a bit “lost for words” at the moment, but check back soon for updates and interesting content.

On the Road

Our appearances in the coming months will not just be digital, we will be attending the 2018 ATA Conference in New Orleans. We are very excited to not only attend the conference, one of the premiere events of the American language industry, but also to contribute to its’ content. Our team will be giving a presentation on the intricacies of translating to and from Asian languages based on our frequent work in Southeast Asian languages and our knowledge of Asian cultures. As the event gets closer we will provide some more teasers about this topic and once there Tweet and Facebook Live the event to you!

The ATA conference allows linguists, project managers, interpreters, and other professionals across the language industry to come together and share their knowledge for the improvement of the field entirely. As the title of this blog suggests, this conference is another way to network nearly everywhere, with nearly everyone. Fortunately, the translation industry is not all competition. Translation companies frequently work together and pool their resources to achieve their goals: providing a service. When the service is connecting people across boundaries, there is less of a competition and more of cooperation, which is reflective of the goal of the industry at large. We are very excited to contribute to this amazing event!


Tone’s mission hasn’t changed, we are still a socially conscious organization committed to facilitating understanding and creating opportunity in a multicultural world on the move- we’re just learning to move with it. The way we can continue to rise to the occasion is by expanding our sights and staying open to the world around us. If we don’t how can we move with that world? We hope that you will #join us and we continue the #translation of nearly everything.



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