International Translation Day 17

September 30th International Translation Day - Now Recognized by the United Nations

September 30th is International Translation Day! Now officially recognized as a United Nations International Day! On May 24, 2017, the United Nations adopted a resolution titled, “The role of professional translation in connection with nations and fostering peace, understanding and development,” officially declaring September 30th International Translation Day. By creating this new holiday, the United Nations is recognizing the important role translators play in promoting peace and connection around the world.

This resolution was presented by Andrei Dapkiunas of Belarus, who emphasized that his draft was “not about institutions or bodies; rather, it was first and foremost about people, the invisible workers and unsung heroes of the linguistic profession.” Dapkiunas continued on, saying, “Language play[s] an underappreciated role in human society, despite the fact that deeper respect for culture and language could help to forge greater unity and build bridges among civilizations and cultures.”

In order to truly create and maintain peace, we must be able to communicate with one another. Without healthy communication, conflict arises. More practically, we cannot access the resources--medical care, education, transportation, etc.--that make us fully human without language professionals.

With this international day, translators are being officially recognized for what they are: bridges. They provide access; they close gaps. Translations are cultural brokers allowing us to appreciate multiple world views.

Here at tone, we understand the power of words. TONE was was born out of the history of MVRCR, a refugee resettlement agency with a mission to build community with many cultures. We share these this value. We are focused on dignity for the people we serve, for the community organizations we support, and for the individuals we employ.

Use language as a tool that creates rather than a weapon that destructs. This September 30th join us as we recognize and thank “team tone” our professional translators. Our translators want to be your partner and your bridge; because of them tone has the ability to translate nearly everything.

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