International Translation Day 2016

Tone Honors International Translation Day by Participating in Proz Virtual Conference

September 30th (today!) is recognized as International Translation Day! Today is also the Feast of St. Jerome, honoring the Catholic Saint who was known for his prolific language skills. During his life St. Jerome translated several religious texts from ancient languages into Latin, Hebrew, and other languages (

Each year the International Federation of Translators chooses a theme to honor the day. The 2016 theme, proposed by the American Translators Association is Translation and Interpreting: Connecting Worlds. This theme is important, since both interpreters (spoken communication) and translators (written communication) are professionals ‘dedicated to one goal: communication between people’.

To honor International Translation Day, tone is participating in the Virtual Conference happening all day today. Tone will be presenting this afternoon on Languages of Limited Diffusion: Translation Trials and Tribulations with a focus on the Burmese (Myanmar) Language.

This presentation recognizes International Translation Day's theme and reflects our mission to create understanding and opportunity in a multicultural world on move. The presentation discusses the challenges and opportunities for translators, language services providers, and clients/customers working with languages of limited diffusion.

Following today’s event tone will make this presentation available for your viewing. However, if you want to participate today you can sign up for a profile and join today’s virtual conference.

To close, tone would like to thank our team of translators. The majority of our translators are former refugees and immigrants who had to leave their country of origin due to conflicts or other forms of mistreatment.  They are more than skilled language experts, they are also cultural advisors. Using the language services of TONE isn’t just helping you reach your goals, it’s helping another person begin again.

Tone translators you make the translation of nearly everything possible.


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