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Translators Beware - Scam Involving a FAKE Domain

Translators please be aware of a scam involving a FAKE domain name with tone's logo and Manager's name. Since February 2020 a scam account using the domain has been scamming translators. A fake PO is provided and the scammers even reply to your emails. Translators complete the work and never get paid! Do not be a victim of this scam. 

Please be careful if you receive a job request with a domain similar to ours except that it is missing the letter "a" from the word "translate". It looks like "". 

  • The individuals committing this fraud have also stolen our manger's professional identity. Emails from the domain will be signed by Shana Pughe Dean, tone's Translation Manager. However the signature block is an old signature block with the wrong title. The title will include "Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Training". This is no longer part of our manager's title.
  • The English in some of the emails contains errors or does not sound accurate.
  • Most jobs are 1000's of words and sometimes ask for a quick timeline.
  • The translators complete the project and is never paid. Communication stops once the translator starts sending their invoices.
  • Do not be a victim of this scam or other similar activities effecting the translation business and freelance translators.
  • If you receive a request you think is a scam please contact us at or by using the Contact Us form on our website. 

Tone sincerely apologizes to any translator that has been a victim of this fraud. We know how important trust is to our profession. We understand your trust was violated and misused. We value your talent and are incredibly frustrated by this continued abuse of our domain and manager's profile. 

We are doing our best to fight this illegal act by scammers who lured victims to work for them with our name. We have reported this cyber crime to specialized government agencies and completed a complaint with Google. We will continue to explore options for combatting this fraud and will keep you updated about the process. 



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