Here’s the Kicker- ‘Futbol’ or ‘Soccer’: How Sports Influence Language

It's a beautiful summer day, and you're kicking around a soccer ball... or is it a football? Whichever it is, it's hard to believe that such a simple object or word can come such with a complicated history, but it truly affects the way we use language, and even the way we look at and express our own culture. Join us for a whole new linguistic ball game in today's installment of Illegible Stamps & Untranslatables!

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In Bocca Al Lupo

In the Mouth of the Wolf: A Taste of How AI Consumes Eggs and Idioms

Today on the CAT's Meow, we're talking about wolves and eggs? If you feel like you need a little context, you and and Artificial Intelligence may have something in common! Join us as we discuss how AI navigates idioms in translation. 

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Preserving Languages

Preserving Language: Something Left to Translate

Language rights and language preservation are a growing concern in the language industry, but in order to understand the importance of these issues, it is vital to understand the core issue. In today's blog, we discuss the issues of the natural progression of language and where Tone and the rest of the translation industry fits into the larger picture.

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Symposium Picture

Tone Presenting at the Symposium on Multilingualism

Tone will be attending and presenting at the Symposium on Multilingualism in International Organizations and International Co-operation, May 10-11 at Church Center in the UN Plaza, in New York City. During this event, we will be participating in discussion and innovating multilingual policy. Today on the Tone blog we're talking about why multilingual policy and support is worth talking about and what we'll be presenting in a few weeks.

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pexels photo 235985

Indescribable Feelings: Untranslatable Emotions

We spend a lot of time talking about our feelings on a day to day basis. Whether we are excited, stressed out, bored, happy, sad, annoyed, and more, we seem to always have the word to express the emotions we are experiencing. In this post, we will investigate why these emotional words are important for translation and how these words matter to the cultures the words belong to. 

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Google Translate2

Beware the Tagline: Powered by Google Translate

Google Translate is perhaps the most well known example of machine translation and the conversation about humans versus machines has been an ongoing theme with the Tone blog, and for good reason. 

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Emoji Blog Picture

Modern Hieroglyphics: Deciphering Emojis

It's Valentine's Day! You can probably expect to see a barrage of emoji but, does anyone know what they mean or why bother to use them? Learn more about the history and purpose of emoji and how they fit into the grand scheme of communication in this week's installment of Illegible Stamps and Untranslatables!

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Tone Trends

To Know Where You’re Going, Know Where You’ve Been: 2018 Translation Industry Trends

In order to understand where an industry will go, we must know where it has been. Trend data on language pairs (translating from one language into another language) is the most frequently cited data. Just like other industries, the machines are coming...or maybe they have already arrived. The technology used in the translation industry is heavily researched and mined to anticipate trends. As we translate nearly everything, it isn’t just in Tone’s best interest to be prepared, but in your best interest to know the trends and demand that as a partner in your success, we are on top of these trends.

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A New “tone” for a New Year

Each celebration of the Gregorian new year gives us all an opportunity to reflect on the past, plan for the future, and assess our values. Please join us in welcoming a new member to our team, Derek Nekritz. Derek will be joining Team Tone in the position of Translation Assistant Coordinator. Create understanding and opportunity this year by requesting a translation to support your employees, your consumers, your clients, and yourself.

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International Translation Day 17

September 30th International Translation Day - Now Recognized by the United Nations

September 30th is International Translation Day! Now officially recognized as a United Nations International Day! On May 24, 2017, the United Nations adopted a resolution titled, “The role of professional translation in connection with nations and fostering peace, understanding and development." Our translators want to be your partner and your bridge.

At tone we are focused on dignity for the people we serve, for the community organizations we support, and for the individuals we employ. This September 30th join us as we recognize and thank “team tone” our professional translators. 

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